A Hairy Situation

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My hair after that fateful day in July ...Who do you think I most resemble with this do?

Today was a special day. Not a birthday, holiday, or anniversary type of special day, but the kind of day when one is allowed to right a great wrong which was done to them. You see, back in July I went to get my haircut, a simple endeavor enjoyed by thousands of people every day, however, this day was different. I asked that my hair not be cut too short, suggesting not more than ¾” be taken off the top, so as not to excite my cowlick. The over-zealous person holding the sheers must have misheard me, fore I came out looking as though I was on the losing end of a fight with a weed whacker. Sporting a new Flock of Seagulls type of do (see above), with one side of my head nearly shaved and the other not much shorter than whence I began, I was faced with two choices – shave it, or try some spiked attempt at fixing it, both required a second trip back to the land of scary hair. As you can imagine I was not so inclined to revisit any of the many establishments within the chain that shall remain anonymous …but rhymes with Care Huttery.

After four months of allowing my hair to regain it’s strength and fullness it was time to turn a true professional loose upon my mane. So, for the first time I visited ManKind™ Grooming & Services in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. The establishment has the feel of an old-time barbershop, one you could see Capone hanging out it if were still alive. There are three beers on tap and wine available at the counter, a billiard table, and even a Harley-Davidson motorcycle suspended from the ceiling. The services provided on the “menu” range from the basic haircut and hot shave with a straight razor to massages, shoe shines, dry cleaning and even tailoring!

I have to say that I think I found my new barbershop, and a special thanks to Diego for bringing my hair back to the world of a professional man.

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