In the Shadow of Giants

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Edward D. Stone, Jr. 1932 - 2009

Edward Durell Stone, Jr. was laid to rest today in Vero Beach, Florida.

His father was Edward D. Stone, who, as an architect, had a major impact on the International Style movement in America, and worked on such buildings as the Radio City Music Hall, Museum of Modern Art (NY), the National Geographic Society Building in DC, among many others. Edward Stone, Jr. would go on to forge his own legacy in the arena of Landscape Architecture.

In 1960 Edward D. Stone and Associates (EDSA) was founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The firm has grown to 5 offices, including one in Asia. At its height the company had over 225 employees in its US offices alone. Chances are you have crossed paths with an EDSA project and never even knew it.

I had the honor of spending one year employed by Ed Stone’s company. Though I rarely saw him, and never held a conversation with him beyond simple salutations, the company he created had a strong impact on my life. In that year I grew more as a designer than I had since I graduated from college, this is in no small part to the due to the caliber of professionals his company employs.

The atmosphere of tutelage and supportive guidance, which Ed fostered from his employees, was a great benefit to me on a personal and professional level. He formed the landscape of many lives both physically and metaphysically, and we thank him for that. Ed will be missed by many.

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Jeff Goldblum Eulogizes…..Himself

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Jeff Goldblum died June 25th. Apparently he fell off of a New Zealand cliff while filming a movie as reported by the Today Show in New Zealand. Both the New Zealand Police and many a Twitter feed confirmed this report. And as we all know, Twitter is more infallible than the rest of the world wide internets.

To further corroborate this story Jeff Goldblum appeared on the Colbert Report saying:
“No one will miss Jeff Goldblum more than me. He was not only a friend and a mentor but, uh, he was also…me.”

Jeff Goldblum has been appearing on the Colbert Report for the last week promoting his new role on Law & Order Criminal Intent. Each night he provides a monologue centered on a non-related topic, then ending with a plug for his show and a simple “Goldblum out.” I think it is a humorous and clever way of integrating product placement into the show – Colbert usually does this with the flair of the old variety shows, by using the product and prominently displaying the package, while saying the name.

Jeff Goldblum is one of the few actors who can pull a stunt like this off. Last night he finished eulogizing himself by stating: “I will be missed, especially Sundays at 9 pm on Law & Order Criminal Intent on USA Network. USA, Characters welcome…Goldblum oooouuuut”

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