Is the Future Back?

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July 3rd was the 25th anniversary of Back To The Future being released in theaters …my how time flies! Across the twitterverse a photo of the Delorean’s time circuit panel with today’s date surfaced claiming things like “although they didn’t travel to it, you can see today’s date programmed into the circuit panel.”  I have a feeling the photos being posted are either from someone who had 5 minutes of time to waste in Photoshop, or a screenshot from someone’s iphone. I tried to find an actual clip from the movie showing today’s date on the circuit panel so I could post it in one of those “hey, that’s nostalgically cool” moments, but no such luck.

Instead let’s just sit back and enjoy some BTTF remix action (it’s the best I could find):

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Moon Walk’n

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In the wake of the 40th Anniversary of the lunar landing by Apollo 11 we sit back and celebrate this historic event. There were three men in space the day that man set foot on the moon along with an army of engineers, support crew, flight directors, and mission control technicians back on earth. This is similar to the way our lives are as designers.

We have Neil Armstrong – Commander and first man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin – Lunar Module Pilot and Second man on the moon, and Michael Collins – Command Module Pilot, designer of the mission insignia, and the guy who didn’t walk on the moon. When I was very young my family visited Kennedy Space Center, while on a bus tour of the center the tour guide asked if anyone knew the name of the third person in space during the Apollo 11 mission. In a double-decker bus filled to capacity no one knew his name. At that moment I made it point to memorize who Michael Collins was. Michael Collins was the guy who continued to orbit the moon as Armstrong and Aldrin landed. He insured that the Eagle module was undamaged when it separated from the Command Module (CM), and he made sure that Neil and Buzz could meet up with the CM that would bring them home safely.

As designers we are usually put into the position of near greatness. Like Michael Collins, and the support crew, we are an integral part of the chain that any product, exhibit or other design goes through. Standing on the precipice of great notoriety, we usually take a backseat and watch others take the glory while we silently mind our duties. On this Anniversary of Apollo 11’s lunar landing remember all the people that made it possible, not just those that made it popular.

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Jeff Goldblum Eulogizes…..Himself

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Jeff Goldblum died June 25th. Apparently he fell off of a New Zealand cliff while filming a movie as reported by the Today Show in New Zealand. Both the New Zealand Police and many a Twitter feed confirmed this report. And as we all know, Twitter is more infallible than the rest of the world wide internets.

To further corroborate this story Jeff Goldblum appeared on the Colbert Report saying:
“No one will miss Jeff Goldblum more than me. He was not only a friend and a mentor but, uh, he was also…me.”

Jeff Goldblum has been appearing on the Colbert Report for the last week promoting his new role on Law & Order Criminal Intent. Each night he provides a monologue centered on a non-related topic, then ending with a plug for his show and a simple “Goldblum out.” I think it is a humorous and clever way of integrating product placement into the show – Colbert usually does this with the flair of the old variety shows, by using the product and prominently displaying the package, while saying the name.

Jeff Goldblum is one of the few actors who can pull a stunt like this off. Last night he finished eulogizing himself by stating: “I will be missed, especially Sundays at 9 pm on Law & Order Criminal Intent on USA Network. USA, Characters welcome…Goldblum oooouuuut”

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