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Tonight I watched the Team Coco Presents The Conan Writers Live on TBS. – yes, this was live Monday night; if you hadn’t noticed I’m a few days behind in the television-viewing universe. I think this special was a genius move by TBS, who is bringing Conan O’Brien’s show to their station in November. As I understand it, Conan is not allowed to make a TV appearance until his new show starts. By having the writers do the show it not only allowed for O’Brien to promote his new show, but gave his viewership a sneak peek under the hood of how the whole thing works. The timing is well positioned to help keep him relevant to his television fan base during his hiatus from onscreen, it comes after his The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour, and promotes the website.

As for the show itself, Coco’s mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of his onstage persona were evident in the stand-up of his senior writers. It makes one wonder if Conan took on some of the writer’s personalities over the years, or if the writers acquired some of Conan’s quarks – maybe these oddities were born through the camaraderie of the writing room, who knows. It was a little weird, but kind of nice to see a part of the old show on TV, if only for a fleeting minute here and there. Most of the show was a run of the mill stand-up act – a masturbation story, a few porn references, some vaudeville style sketches sprinkled in, etc.

Though Conan’s style made a few appearances through that hour it was no substitute for his comedic delivery and onstage energy. I look forward to his return, which as of right now is 131 days: 23 hours: 37 min: 20 seconds away.

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